By 2050, the world’s farmers will need to increase their output by 60% to feed the growing population. In the midst of this near-impossible challenge, they must also reduce carbon emissions, minimize waste, and combat a rapidly changing climate using less water and less land than ever before. The world’s food security is at risk and innovative technologies and business models will be required to adapt and thrive.

We believe Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) will play a critical role in addressing these challenges.


CEA is a combination of engineering, plant
science, and computer-managed environmental
control technologies used to optimize plant
growth, plant quality, and production efficiency.


Our mission is to empower the world’s most innovative farmers with patented CEA technology and world-class science to ensure global food security for generations to come.

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Media Mentions
Sep, 29, 2021
Using vertical farms to grow feed: Grōv Technologies in Texas dairy deal

Grōv Technologies announced that they have signed a definitive agreement with a dairy operation in drought stricken, West Texas, to build what will be the largest controlled environment feed center in the US.

Aug 16, 2021
It grows 1,500 times the food with 5% of the water. How a Utah vertical farm combats climate change.

Before Utah’s searing, mega-drought summer, came the winter storm of 2021. In February tornadoes and ice storms swept across the nation causing massive damage. Hardest hit was Texas, where millions lost power, over 200 people died and economic damage exceeded $195 billion.

June 29, 2021
Farming With Less Land and Water

✔️ A fraction of the land ✔️ A fraction of the water ✔️ No herbicides or pesticides—Grōv Technologies President Steve Lindsley speaks to Madison Mills on how he sees vertical farming as holding the key to meeting an expanding strain on global agriculture

MAY 21, 2021
Growing Solutions: Vertical Dairy Farming

Learn about this innovative new method of dairy farming.

MAY 4, 2021
Grōv Technologies Receives Prestigious 2021 World Changing Ideas Award

For five years, Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards have recognized companies and organizations addressing the world’s most intractable problems through technology, science, design, finance, education, and philanthropy.

APR 13, 2021
Robotic warehouse farms will save the world

Four years ago, Ritch Wood was looking for a better way to grow plants. As the CEO of global skincare company Nu Skin, he ran into ingredient shortages every winter when fields went dormant―and when he moved grow operations to the equator he ran into water and land shortages, along with a host of quality control issues.

JAN 22, 2021
Could Indoor Vertical Farms Feed Livestock?

Along Utah’s Highway 68 in the small community of Elberta, Utah stands an industrial dome. Inside is a futuristic collection of stacked shelves, towering 25 feet tall, that systematically flicker with pink lights.

Dec 29, 2020
Utah Ag-Tech Company Aims To Develop Future Of Animal Feed

Grōv Technologies’ first adopter is Bateman's Mosida Farms in Utah County. The family-owned farm is the largest dairy operation in the state. Co-owner Brad Bateman said the system they installed offered their farm numerous benefits, ranging from localizing their supply chain to reducing their carbon footprint. He added, however, that any agricultural producer makes the decision to adopt new technology for a very practical reason.

Dec 29, 2020
How Indoor Vertical Farms use Big Data and Robotics to Grow Animal Feed

Animal Ag vertical farming newcomer Grov Technologies, which was acquired by Nu Skin Enterprises (NYSE:NUS) in 2016, announced in December 2020, the company was collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to apply cloud-based machine learning…

DEC 21, 2020
Is this the future of farming? Indoor farm offers p romising solutions

MOSIDA, Utah – Not too far south of Salt Lake City, you will find the Bateman Dairy Farm. It’s a farm where the cattle have quite the view. The Wasatch Mountain Range rises up across Utah Lake.

DEC 15, 2020
Vertical Farming Startup Reaches into Amazon’s Cloud

A vertical farm growing feed for dairy cows is teaming up with Amazon to improve the nutritional value of crops grown indoors. Last month, Utah-based Grov Technologies announced the launch of an indoor vertical farm the startup says can grow wheat and barley…

DEC 15, 2020
Grōv and AWS collaborate on vertical farming to grow animal feed

Grōv Technologies, the maker of a method for growing plants indoors in controlled conditions called Olympus Tower Farm, announced today a collaboration with Amazon Web Services Inc. to bring cloud-based machine learning to its operating system to streamline its processes.

NOV 30, 2020
Feeding Animals for Less with Robotic Vertical Farming

Something new on the farm, robotic vertical farming. Check out this Utah farm. Automated towers grow fresh animal feed using high-efficiency L-E-D and minimal water. The seed-to-harvest process takes only six days and produces 6-thousand pounds of feed per cycle.

NOV 30, 2020
A peak inside the vertical farm growing cow food

A single tower in the growing system, from a startup called Grōv Technologies, takes up a little more than 850 square feet on the ground. But it can grow as much wheat or barley grass as 35 to 50 acres of farmland, the company says.

NOV 29, 2020
Utah farm using robotic vertical farming to feed their animals for less

Grōv says each one of the towers produces 6,000 lbs of food each time it goes through its cycle and that’s saving money, time, water, and energy, and the benefits don’t stop there either, they are then passed on to the consumer. Each of these machines represents between 35 and 50 acres of land, so in this case here, it’s the same as 50 acres of land but it’s only covering 875 square feet of the ground and it uses 95% less water to grow the crops, said Lindsley.

NOV 29, 2020
Utah farm using robotic vertical farming to feed their animals for less

The key is you can eliminate the weather challenges and it can give you a predictable optimized crop every time," said Steve Lindsley, the president of Grōv Technologies. It starts with wheat seeds being loaded into trays. Then, they're wheeled up to the top of the tower to start a six-day journey back down to the bottom of the tower for harvest.

NOV 10, 2020
This Vertical Farm is Growing Food—but it’s for Cows

Inside a new tent-like building on a large dairy farm west of Provo, Utah, tall towers stacked with trays of wheatgrass grow food for the cows outside. While most other vertical farms focus on growing salad greens for city dwellers, the new system is designed to tackle another…

NOV 10, 2020
Grōv Technologies Announces World's Largest, Most Advanced Indoor Vertical Farming System for Year-round Fresh Animal Feed

Grōv's team of botanists, animal nutritionists and engineers have spent years developing science and technology-based growing protocols for Olympus that produces unmatched high-density nutrient (HDN) feed and in trials has shown to provide health benefits for the animals and improved feed-to-yield efficiency.

Press Releases
SEP 28, 2021
Grōv Technologies Powers Cornell University Study to Determine the Impact of Hydroponically Grown Feed on Reducing Greenhouse Gasses

Grōv Technologies today announced a collaboration with researchers at Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (Cornell CALS) to lead a study on the impact of hydroponically grown feed production efficiency, nutrition, greenhouse gas reduction and potential animal health and welfare improvements.

SEP 27, 2021
Grōv Technologies Signs Definitive Agreement with Cnossen Dairy to Build Nation’s Largest Indoor Growing Center to Produce High-Density Nutrient Feed

Grōv Technologies today announced that the Cnossen Dairy of Hereford, TX has signed a definitive agreement to build a controlled environment feed center to grow fresh High-Density Nutrient (HDN) Superfeed™ year-round.

JUN 29, 2021
Grōv Technologies Signs Definitive Agreement with Superior Farms to Bring Sustainability to Ground-breaking U.S. Lamb Production

AgTech and indoor farming company, Grōv Technologies, today announced a definitive agreement with California-based Superior Farms for the purchase of 10 Olympus Tower Farms that will produce fresh year-round feed for Superior’s upcoming Sheep Discovery Center™ in Central Utah.

APR 19, 2021
Grōv Technologies and California-Based River Ranch Dairy Enter Definitive Agreement to Build Word-Class Automated Indoor Feed Production Center

Today, Grōv Technologies announced it has signed a definitive sales agreement with River Ranch Dairy to help further their goal of becoming more sustainable and drought resistant through the adoption of Grōv’s automated indoor feed technology.

APR 7, 2021
Grōv Technologies and Hunter Ridge Dairy to Build Ten Olympus Tower Farms As Part of the New Grōv-Hunter Ridge Indoor Feed Production Center in Northeastern Colorado

Grōv Technologies today signed definitive agreements with Colorado-based Hunter Ridge Dairy to build ten Grōv Olympus Tower Farms as part of the new Grōv-Hunter Ridge feed center, a controlled environment feed production facility designed to advance sustainable dairy production.

DEC 15, 2020
Grōv Technologies and AWS Collaborate to Create the Industry's First Vertical Farming Data Platform to Grow High-Density Nutrient (HDN) Animal Feed

Grōv Technologies today announced it has collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to bring cloud-based machine learning capabilities to Grōv's Sowyer operating system.

NOV 10, 2020
Grōv Technologies Announces World's Largest, Most Advanced Indoor Vertical Farming System for Year-round Fresh Animal Feed

Grōv Technologies today announced its newest innovation in controlled environment agriculture (CEA) – the Olympus Tower Farm.

JAN 6, 2020
Grōv Technologies Launches with World’s First Commercial Scale Indoor Growing System for Animal Feed

Grōv Technologies launched today and announced the world’s first automated, commercial-scale indoor growing system for animal feed to participate in the $350 billion global feed market.

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