Grōv Olympus


Grown in a Grōv

Olympus robotic Tower Farms work alongside the world’s leading dairy and beef innovators to give cows the best day (and the best feed), every day of their lives. It’s Superfeed for super cows.



High Density Nutrient (HDN) Feed

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  • More protein, more sugar, more starch, more digestibility compared to alfalfa hay
  • Replaces 20%-60% of a total mixed ration
  • Improves animal health
  • More nutritious and reliable than pasture grass
  • Feeds approximately 200 dairy cows per tower

Predictable Precision

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  • Scientifically proven proprietary GrōProtocols track and control dozens of variables
  • Completely controlled growing environment
  • From seed to harvest in 5-7 days
  • Superior nutrient content every harvest
  • 365 days of fresh harvests per year, regardless of weather, location, or daylight

Robotic Automation

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  • Automated seeding, watering, lighting, and harvesting
  • Significantly reduced human labor required
  • 98% average uptime across an entire facility
  • Operates year-round regardless of seasons or weather
  • Dependable and consistent quality and performance

Data Driven

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  • Continually self-improving using IoT, Big Data, and machine learning
  • GrōProtocols updated regularly by world-class scientists
  • Real-time data for smarter TMR calculations
  • Cloud-based monitoring, control, and analytics

Enterprise Scale

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  • Modular design to easily and quickly add new towers
  • 3 tons of fresh feed per day (as fed)
  • Rapid installation
  • 875 ft 2 footprint
  • Located on-site to reduce transport, emissions, and costs

Patented LED GrōLights

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  • Significantly reduced heat
  • Greater photosynthetic energy
  • Dirty power protection
  • Growth and nutrient optimization
  • Customizable light recipes incorporated into GrōProtocols